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Compassionate Care

Mistreatment, abuse of all kinds and sexual violence, in particular, are among the most serious problems affecting the vulnerable populations supported, such as children, young adults, disabled people and the elderly.

Faced with this problem, and in order to promote accountability and good practice, Caritas Luxembourg has implemented a raft of measures, in conjunction with three other organisations (arcus Asbl), Croix-Rouge luxembourgeoise (Luxembourg Red Cross) and Elisabeth, to promote compassionate care.

In particular, these measures include: 

  • Training to raise awareness of well-treatment and to prevent mistreatment, which is mandatory for all 4600 employees of the organisations,
  • Appointing a well-treatment representative, who is entrusted with the task of promoting well-treatment, preventing mistreatment, and providing information, advice and training on these subjects,
  • Providing an external point of contact for the organisations

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