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Residents of Bigonville's refugee centre behind the cameras

Wednesday 11 December 2019

The 6 films made as part of the Millen Sessions project have just been released.

This summer, the residents of the Bigonville Refugee Centre had the opportunity to participate in a great project from the Mir wëllen iech ons Heemecht Weisen association with 6 short films entitled "Millen Sessions". The films were made by the refugees from the Bigonville centre, who received a training beforehand, supervised by the director Thierry Besseling.

The artists they had the opportunity to film are C'est Karma, Marie Weis, Robert Gollo Steffen, Bartleby Delicate, Hannah Ida and Serge Tonnar.

A big THANK YOU from Caritas Luxembourg to all those who made it possible for the residents of the Bigonville home to participate in this exciting adventure.

Find all the videos on the website of Mir wëllen iech eis heemecht weisen

To learn more about the project (in French)

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