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Thursday 25 November 2021

Maria, Najla and Ayen do not know each other. They were not born in the same country, do not speak the same language, and do not have the same culture or roots. Yet they have one thing in common: they are now refugees in a country that is not their own or displaced within their own country. Uprooted by violent conflict, unsustainable economic conditions or intolerable persecution, they are now living far from home. They have left their homes, leaving absolutely everything behind, and now find themselves without anything.


Caritas Luxembourg is committed to helping these uprooted people each and every day.

Homes are set up, shelters are built, food and hygiene kits are distributed. Depending on their situation and needs, refugees receive financial and psychological support if necessary, as well as legal assistance or health care.

To best support all these uprooted people, we need your contribution more than ever. Donate now and help us help more Maria, Najla and Ayen.

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