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Mali-femme et son enfant

Mali - A never-ending conflict

Wednesday 26 June 2024

The situation in Mali has been chaotic for several years. Today, more and more people are suffering and in need of emergency aid. The humanitarian crisis and extreme poverty continue to grow as a result of the violent conflicts and general instability in the country. More than 7 million people are currently in need of humanitarian aid. Of these, 2.5 million are food insecure. And almost 400,000 people are displaced across the country in an attempt to escape armed violence. It's a tragedy unfolding before our very eyes!

In the Faladié camp for displaced people in Bamako, the capital, around 3,000 displaced people are crammed into tents and under tarpaulins, waiting to be able to return home one day, perhaps. Our teams and our local partner AMSODE are present in the camp on a daily basis to help them. They are involved in a variety of areas and activities, including the distribution of tarpaulins, mosquito nets, food and hygiene products. At the same time, medical consultations are organised, as are discussion groups and awareness-raising sessions on gender-based violence, which is common in the camp. And to ensure sanitary safety and prevent the spread of disease in this crowded camp, our teams are emptying and maintaining the existing latrines.

 Mali is facing a critical situation and urgently needs our support! Help us to help them!

Campagne juin 2024


Mali_maman avec son bébé et des moustiquaires dans les brasLaya is a displaced mother. She lives with her four children in the Faladié camp in Bamako. Life there is not easy. Like the other camp residents, Laya is well aware of the risks associated with mosquito bites. The threat of malaria and other diseases transmitted by these insects is a constant concern for the families in this community. Recently, Laya and many other households in the IDP camp received several mosquito nets. Although a simple device, the mosquito net remains a very effective means of protection and control against mosquitoes. Laya and her family now have extra protection against potentially fatal diseases!

Having these mosquito nets means so much to me and my family. It will help us to prevent many diseases and protect my children's health. I can now sleep at night knowing that they are safe.



Mali_femme sourianteDikorou also lives in the Faladié camp for displaced persons. Like most of the women in the camp, Dikorou saw and experienced horrific scenes of violence when her village was attacked. These memories affected her permanently and prevented her from overcoming these ordeals. For several months now, Dikorou has been taking part in discussion groups where she can express herself freely and receive psychosocial support in a safe and caring environment. Since then, she has seen major changes and already feels much better. 

The discussion groups allow me to forget my painful past and look to the future with much greater optimism.



Mali_homme devant un camionAmadou, who was also displaced by the conflict, is a member of the committee responsible for managing the toilets at the Faladié camp. Regularly emptying latrines is essential for maintaining a clean and healthy environment, especially in communities where sanitary conditions are precarious. However, this task can quickly become a source of conflict and frustration. That's why Caritas Luxembourg recently decided to take on this responsibility, in order to bring relief to the camp's inhabitants.


Having emptied latrines not only improves our environment, but also strengthens cohesion within our community. Now we can all concentrate on other aspects of our daily lives, without having to worry about this. It's a real relief for all of us.

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