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A long and difficult reconstruction

Friday 14 July 2023

It was 5 months ago. A devastating earthquake hit Turkey and Syria. More than 56,000 people lost their lives, including 50,000 in Turkey alone. In the Antakya region, the worst hit, the earthquake caused massive destruction, while the area was already home to hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees who had fled the war in their country.

From the very first hours after the tremors, we were on the ground via our partner to distribute essential goods and take part in rescue operations. Since then, our support has been unstinting: setting up camps and tents, providing food, hygiene kits and essential items, psycho-social support... every day, we have stood by the victims to give them much-needed help.

Today, there are still many people who need our help. It is estimated that over one and a half million people are still living in tents or containers. Let's not abandon them!

In addition to the support already mentioned, which will continue to be provided, we are now helping to rehabilitate housing, and in particular to rebuild damaged houses. We are also helping the victims to set up their own businesses so that they can start earning an income again. Finally, with summer approaching, it is also essential to prepare the camps for the heat. We are therefore making sure that the people living there have access to drinking water, sanitary facilities and shaded areas.

The earthquake lasted less than a minute. Reconstruction, however, will be long and difficult. The victims still need us. Let's not forget them.

"The needs are never-ending, every day is a new challenge".

Campagne juille t2023_Turquie_Deniz©Caritas

Campaign July 2023_Turkey_Deniz©Caritas [Click and drag to move] Deniz has eight children, one of whom suffers from heart disease. As a result of the earthquake, her husband lost his job, they had to leave their house and it is extremely difficult to access the essential medicines and medical care her son needs, which is a major concern for her and her husband. "Children, even more than adults, are particularly vulnerable in such situations and solidarity with the survivors is essential in my opinion". Since the earthquake, Caritas Luxembourg has provided them with shelter, water, food, medicines, blankets and pillows.

"I'd like to be able to sleep without worrying, without thinking about my future".

Campagne juillet 2023_Turquie_Sihem©CaritasSihem is Syrian. She has been living in Turkey for 10 years and had found work there. On the day of the earthquake, the house in which she was living collapsed, and she found herself under the rubble. She managed to get out, but lost 3 of her brothers. And everything she owned. For several days, she struggled to get over the shock. "I had nothing left, no home, no job. I didn't know where to go, what to do, I didn't know anything". Caritas Luxembourg helped her find a tent. She also received hygiene products, kitchen utensils and blankets. Today, she lives in her tent with the 10 other members of her family.

"Every day, I fear for my life".

Campagne juillet 2023_Turquie_Semihe©CaritasSemihe is 64 years old. Before the earthquake, her life was already not easy: she had had to deal with breast cancer, had high blood pressure and was overweight. Since the earthquake, things have got even worse. Her various illnesses make it difficult for her to move around easily. So she is forced to stay in her house, even though she no longer feels safe there. "There are still aftershocks every day, and I'm still afraid for my life. I feel very vulnerable", she says. To help her as much as possible, Caritas Luxembourg is providing her with the medicines she needs for her various treatments, hygiene items and psychological support.

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