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A warm night!

Wednesday 11 October 2023

Our social workers are very worried: the number of people looking for temporary accommodation has only increased in recent months. The current economic crisis is no stranger to this and has pushed many people into precarious situations or onto the streets. We need your help more than ever!

Every day, men and women come to us for financial support or to be taken into one of our emergency accommodation facilities. This is the case of Anna, for example. A few days ago, she knocked for the first time on the door of the Caritas Luxembourg women's night shelter. One of the Caritas street workers with whom she was in regular contact gave her the address.

Campagne toussaint 2023_temoignage anna"The first time isn't easy," she admits. "I found myself homeless after a break-up in late spring. I always told myself that things would get better, that it was only temporary. I was put up by people I knew, I squatted here and there and I also slept out of doors quite a lot. In summer, it's not that difficult. You find a place where you feel more or less safe and settle in for the night. But over the last few weeks, it's been getting harder and harder. The nights were getting colder and, above all, much wetter. And with the daylight fading faster and faster, the nights sometimes seemed really endless. I felt exhausted, at the end of my rope, I couldn't see any way out. I'd always turned down the streetworkers' offer to go to one of Caritas Luxembourg's emergency shelters. I felt like I didn't belong there. But I finally agreed to go. And it really was an excellent decision! For me, it's not just a place to put my things for the night. I feel listened to, looked after, taken care of. I exist again. Personally, it's made me want to get back on my feet. Try to find a small job, get back in touch with my family, maybe do some training".

Inflation is dragging more and more people into precarious living conditions. The cost of food, energy, rent, etc. continues to rise. Like Anna, many people are at risk of ending up on the streets in the near future. We're worried about the months ahead, especially with winter approaching. Once again, we're appealing to your kind hearts and generosity: make a donation today, and help us to ensure that they have a warm night's sleep over the winter period.


A complete range of products tailored to different needs to keep you warm all night long

Centre UlysseCaritas Luxembourg runs a reception and emergency accommodation centre for homeless people. This is a half-way house between an emergency facility and long-term accommodation. All residents receive personalised psycho-socio-educational support.


Halte de nuitTwo night shelters complete the range of emergency accommodation offered by Caritas Luxembourg. One is exclusively for women, the other is mixed. Apart from non-violence and respect for others, nothing is asked of the people who come to sleep there. The most important thing is that they are safe and can rest. Support can be provided if required.


WanteraktiounAt the same time, and during the winter period, Caritas Luxembourg takes charge of the Wanteraktioun's overnight reception, from dinner to breakfast.



These are just some of the solutions available to help those in need find a roof over their heads for the night!

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