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Make their back-to-school a success!

Friday 8 September 2023

A few days ago, the children returned to school. For many, it was a chance to inaugurate the new schoolbags they had bought over the summer. Unfortunately, some were not so lucky. In disadvantaged families, where people struggle every month to make ends meet, buying a new schoolbag is unrealistic, especially at a time of crisis when the cost of living is rising all the time. Help us to support them!

For several years now, we have been working to ensure that these children have a good start to the new school year. We offer a schoolbag to children who need one and whose parents use one of our "Caritas Buttek" social grocery shop. With the recent crisis, and the number of people facing financial difficulties rising all the time, it's vital that we take action on the ground and give these children the chance they deserve!

epicerie sociale lux_cartable 2023©CaritasEvery year, more and more parents come to us to ask if we can help them with their child's first day at school. For some, it's a really complicated time. It's a time of great stress and anxiety for families in need, because they know it's likely to have a big impact on their budget. The other day, a mum who was a beneficiary of the grocery shop went home with schoolbags for her three children. It was a huge relief for her to know that she wouldn't have to pay anything for the start of the new school year. And every time, the children are so happy! Seeing their smiles when you give them this simple equipment is priceless. It's a gesture that means so much to them and their families," explains Irene Jamsek, head of the Caritas Buttek social grocery shops.

Offering a schoolbag is also a commitment to the future, to their future. Let's give these children the chance they deserve and, together, make their back-to-school a success!

On behalf of all the children we'll be helping this year , thank you!

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