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When life turns upside down

Wednesday 5 October 2022

The coming winter is likely to be one of the most difficult we have experienced in recent times. Rampant inflation is pushing more and more people into precariousness. More than ever, we need your support.

Two years ago, the Covid pandemic had already put low-income households at risk. Today, the war in Ukraine and its impact on living costs - including energy and food costs - means that the poorest among us are facing the worst.

With the housing crisis, difficulties in coping with rising prices and paying bills, more and more people are at risk of becoming homeless this winter. Every day, men and women, sometimes accompanied by children, are knocking on our door asking for financial support or to be taken into one of our emergency accommodation facilities.

The number of homeless people is likely to explode in the next few weeks. And our social workers are already seeing it: they are seeing people arrive in their structures who they have never seen before. People who used to live without difficulties, but who can no longer make ends meet and who need our help.

Caritas Luxembourg teams are working tirelessly to provide these people with all the help they need. We work on all fronts: from emergency reception to professional integration, from access to housing to psychological support and health care. Not forgetting, as every year, our involvement in the Wanteraktioun night shelter.

All these actions are not possible without your support. In the face of this difficult winter, we must show solidarity to support all those people whose lives have suddenly taken a different direction. Help them today by making a donation.

Every gesture counts.

Thank you very much for your generosity!


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