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Regular donations guarantee the effectiveness of our actions!

Thursday 8 September 2022

If Caritas Luxembourg is able to carry out its activities in favour of the most disadvantaged, it is thanks to you. So let us first of all thank you today for your generosity.

Every day, in Luxembourg and throughout the world, Caritas Luxembourg supports, listens to, trains or raises awareness of people in need. This support is always long-term. Because it is the regularity, the long-term assistance, that guarantees the effciency of our actions. All our programmes aim to provide sustainable and permanent solutions, not to intervene on a temporary or momentary basis.

To best illustrate this work, let us tell you about Tam.

Tam, 23, lives in Mor, a small remote village in the mountains of Laos, with her two children. In this region, livelihoods are mainly based on agriculture. Until recently, Tam lived in precarious conditions, suffering from diseases of her few crops and natural disasters. Her meagre income did not allow her to provide for her family. Caritas Luxembourg supported her in developing her own organic vegetable garden. She was also trained on how to produce, water and fertilise her field. At the same time, she received a loom and learned to weave different patterns. Today, she sells her clothes and some of her vegetables. Thanks to this, she has been able to buy food, cooking utensils and clothes for her children.

This change of life did not happen overnight. It took months. And it is precisely in order to carry out these missions in the long term that we are calling on you today. We would like to ask you to show your confidence in Caritas Luxembourg in a sustainable way. By supporting one of our programmes each month, you are offering future prospects to one or more people in need. In this way, you remain at our side every day in the service of the most vulnerable.

For greater efficiency, it is best to let us decide which programme your donation will be used for. Our priorities can vary according to the needs of the moment. By giving us the freedom to choose which programme to allocate your regular donations to, you allow us greater freedom of action.

[[drupal_media_6809]]However, if you wish to support a particular programme, you can choose to allocate your recurring donations to our international solidarity programme which supports the poorest people in 12 countries around the world or to homeless and precarious people in Luxembourg.

Of course, if you can't make a long-term commitment to us, you should know that every single donation, even the smallest, makes a difference.

Thank you very much!


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