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Coronavirus Emergency

Tuesday 28 April 2020

You will find on this page all the information about the measures taken by Caritas Luxembourg to stop the spread of the Coronavirus and to protect the most vulnerable people, but also to maintain essential services for the people it accompanies and who are also the most vulnerable at the moment.

Monday, 27 April, 2020

The "Wanteraktioun" for homeless people is extended until the end of May. As a reminder, Caritas Luxembourg is in charge of the night shelter in this initiative of the Ministry of Family, Integration and the Greater Region.


Monday, 20 April, 2020

Caritas Luxembourg is helping the population to fight against the Coronavirus and its effects in 6 countries: in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Haiti, Laos, South Sudan, Lebanon and Syria.

More about it


Wednesday, 15 April, 2020

Requests to the psychological service of Caritas Accueil et Solidarité are exploding.

More about it


Friday, April 10, 2020

The "Buttek" social grocery stores of Caritas Luxembourg and the Luxembourg Red Cross are announcing that they are extending their support to individuals and families experiencing temporary financial difficulties linked to the Coronavirus sanitary crisis.

More info


Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Caritas Luxembourg is launching its Corona-Helpline to help people who are struggling to make ends meet. By contacting the Caritas Corona-Helpline people will be listened to, advised, guided through the different aid structures and, if necessary, helped materially and financially.

The helpline can be reached on tel. 40 21 31 - 999 or via email:

More info about the helpline


Friday, 3 April 2020

Caritas Luxembourg takes position on the well-being of children in times of confinement.

Read the position paper (In French)


Wednesday, 1 April 2020

Caritas Luxembourg calls for solidarity with the displaced in camps in Northern Syria. The displaced are not spared by any misfortune: bombings, misery and now the Coronavirus.

Read the interview of Michael Feit in charge of international co-operation at Caritas Luxembourg


Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Caritas Luxembourg launches an call for solidarity to help the most vulnerable people.

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Monday, 23 March 2020

The "Wanteraktioun" is extended until the end of April. Homeless people will be able to find refuge for the night in the night shelter run by Caritas Luxembourg.

Caritas Luxembourg thanks all its staff and volunteers who continue to be present for homeless people, refugees, children and young people. Many of them have made themselves at the disposal to help in other services of Caritas Luxembourg, or even in services of other organisations. Many thanks for their availability and solidarity.Many thanks also to all the other people (nurses, doctors, policemen, firemen, cashiers, etc...) who are also mobilised in these difficult moments.


Thursday, March 19, 2020

The social grocery stores of Caritas Luxembourg offer vulnerable customers the possibility to order their purchases by phone.


Tuesday, March 17, 2020

[[drupal_media_4227]]Social grocery stores will remain open for all customers referred by social services. People will enter in groups of 3 at the most.

The clothing drive, on the other hand, is suspended for the next few weeks and the "Kleederstuffen" will remain closed to the public.







The social service ("Accueil social") is maintained. It will, however, only oiperate by appointment and for the most serious situations. Please contact us for an appointment or for further information:

  • in Arabic on 621 186 162  [[drupal_media_4216]] 
  • in Tigrinya language to 621 387 985   
  • in Persian language to 621 628 737  
  • in French, German, English and to request a social agent: 40 21 31 537 or 40 21 31 536.




As regards to refugee centres, social workers continue to be present to advise and guide people, but also to raise their awareness and inform them of the various measures to be taken. Meals are no longer served in refectories, but in the rooms, and visits to the centres are no longer possible. The staff applies strict measures in its relations with the housed public.

The Centre Oasis de Wiltz will close its doors this weekend, but will remain open by telephone at 691 402 261.

The Emergency Shelter for children and the Living Communities and Centres of the Department "Aide à l'Enfance" continue to run 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

The children's day-care centre in Luxembourg City and in Rumelange take in children from 5.30 a.m. to 10.30 p.m. from the staff of the various care and assistance services, the fire department and the police. This is an important task to ensure that these services can work as well as possible in these difficult times!

Caritas Luxembourg teams in the North of Idlib continue to help the hundreds of thousands of displaced people in the north of Idleb, where despite the health emergency around the world, fighting continues. More information


Monday, March 16, 2020

To cope with the emergence of the Coronavirus, the first services are reorganized. The aim is to maintain the most essential services for people in need, including the homeless.

  • Thus, in the emergency shelters for the homeless, special attention will be given to people at [[drupal_media_4220]]risk due to their age, physical or psychological illness and reinforced hygiene measures are taken.   
  • The Streetwork of Caritas Accueil & Solidarité is closing its offices, but will increase its tours in the streets of Luxembourg to help the homeless and distribute sleeping bags, food and drinks.   
  • The social bistro "Le Courage" will remain open to homeless people for the use of showers, washing machines and toilets. Sandwiches and drinks will be distributed, but there will be no consumption inside. Furthermore, the number of people admitted will be limited to 10 at a time.   
  • The artistic workshop "Creamisu", as well as the bodybuilding workshop "Power-Team" will remain closed.


Friday, 13 March 2020

Following the government's decision, all day-care facilities for children and young people of Caritas Jeunes & Familles, as well as all the recreational activities for children and young people, will remain closed from 16 March.

All courses and group activities offered by Caritas Luxembourg are stopped.

The "Passerelles" classes will continue via Internet. These classes are aimed at young refugees and migrants who are no longer part of obligatory schooling or who are excluded from the traditional system.

The Maison "Le Temps des Femmes" remains closed. However, contact with women in difficulty continues by telephone: 621 187 430.

Caritas Luxembourg asks volunteers who are part of the vulnerable population to follow the government's instructions and stay at home to protect themselves as much as possible.


Thursday, 12 March 2020

In order to slow down the spread of the Coronavirus as much as possible and to protect the most vulnerable people, Caritas Luxembourg recommends to its staff whose physical presence is not necessary to telework. Meetings and events have been postponed. Travel abroad has been suspended. Caritas Luxembourg has internally relayed all the directives issued by the Ministry of Health. Finally, the message on basic hygiene rules was reinforced among its staff, volunteers, users and beneficiaries. All the recommendations of the Ministry of Health and its partner ministries are followed.


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