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Caritas Luxembourg's support for the most vulnerable continues

Monday 27 November 2023

Recently, Caritas Luxembourg, in collaboration with Klima-Agence, organised an information session for its beneficiaries on how to reduce their energy consumption.

For some of the people supported by Caritas Luxembourg, the end of the month is difficult and any advice on how to reduce electricity or heating bills is welcome. At the end of the session, the participants all received a kit including a power strip with a switch, energy-saving light bulbs, etc., enabling them to start putting the lessons into practice.

This action was in the same context as the action launched last year with the surge in energy prices to provide financial assistance to people in extremely precarious situations who cannot access state aid, for example, because they have no social rights in Luxembourg. To date, thanks to the generosity of its donors, Caritas Luxembourg has been able to provide financial assistance to 48 families. Some of these families have also been helped to improve or even regularise their situation. Networking has played a decisive role in this.

This financial assistance will continue this winter.

This winter, people in precarious situations who are unable to access state energy subsidies will also be able to apply for financial assistance from Caritas Luxembourg to pay their energy bills. This assistance is subsidiary to public aid and depends on the organisation's financial resources.

People in need can contact the Caritas Luxembourg "Accueil social" service: Ms Ana-Marija Soric,, tel: 40 21 31 351, mobile: 621 578 026.

Many thanks to all those whose generosity makes this support possible!

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