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Le legs, la signature d’une vie !

  • When should you start thinking about your will?

It's never too early to start thinking about it! But very few people do. Often our passage is taboo among family and friends. I encourage people, young and old, to think about it. A will gives everyone the opportunity to make a will according to their own wishes.

  • More specifically, how do I write my will?

The simplest form is the handwritten will. This means that you write your last will and testament yourself by hand, date it and sign it. It is preferable to file the will with a notary. You also have the possibility of dictating your will to two notaries or to a single notary, in the presence of two witnesses. It is also possible to hand over your will, written by you or by another person, by hand or by machine, in a closed and sealed envelope, to a civil law notary in front of two witnesses. Important: your will can be modified or revoked at any time!

  • How do you make a bequest to an association like Caritas?

If you have no children, i.e. no heirs entitled to a compulsory share, you can freely dispose of your inheritance and envisage an association in your will. If you have one child, you can freely dispose of half of your estate; if you have 2 children, it is one third; if you have 3 or more children, it is one quarter.

  • What is the tax rate?

Inheritances to charitable foundations such as Caritas benefit from a reduction in inheritance tax (4% even for sums over €10,000).

Information from notary Alex Weber

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