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Lët’z Refashion

Lët’z Refashion : a space for an ethical, sustainable and local fashion.

This centre aims to be the meeting point for the promotion of ethical and sustainable fashion in Luxembourg in order to make Luxembourg consumers aware of the environmental and social issues linked to the textile industry.


This new atypical location is one of the key elements of the Rethink Your Clothes campaign funded by the Luxembourg Cooperation.  Launched in 2018, this campaign aims especially to bring young people in Luxembourg to more reasonable and sustainable consumption of fashion. Under the appearance of a "concept store", Lët'z Refashion proposes in the same space: to inform about the social and environmental problems of the textile industry, to promote the actors of Slow Fashion... and to introduce citizens to creative sewing. 

In order to promote an ethical and sustainable fashion among citizens, Lët'z Refashion proposes fashion articles imagined and made from recycled clothes or fabrics. There too, many associations in the country, active in the field of textile upcycling, have been called upon: BIRK in Mondorf, Upcycle me from SNJ, Sustained or BENU in Esch. Fairtrade Lëtzebuerg, partner in the Rethink Your Clothes campaign is also present with its new collection "FairfashionLab". Lët'z Refashion also calls upon young local designers or from the Greater Region and offers free of charge a unexpected showcase in the city. In this respect too, Lët'z Refashion is not a store like the others, since its objective is not entirely commercial but primarily social and environmental: to show that an alternative fashion is possible by promoting the protagonists of upcycling... and second-hand clothing, since a corner dedicated to this offer has been present since September.

For more information on the upcoming activities of this place dedicated to ethical fashion and upcycling, please visit the webpage ou @letzrefashion on the social networks.



Tuesday, Wednesday, tHURSDAY, FRIDAY FROM 12:00 TO 18:00

SaTURDAY FROM 10:00 TO 16:00

Closed sunday and monday

Re-use, repair, recycle your clothes in Luxembourg by Lët’z Refashion!

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Lët’z Refashion

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