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Luxembourg: Materials for artistic expression

In recent years, the number of homeless people in Luxembourg has been increasing. The number of long-term homeless people has also increased. A quarter of the homeless are under 30 years old.

By remaining for a long time without income, housing and occupation in an environment that is "not conducive" to any positive change, the homeless sooner or later lose hope of a better future. To break the monotony of their daily lives, Caritas Luxembourg has opened the Creamisu workshop, a space dedicated to artistic expression of all kinds: painting, music, composition, singing, sewing, etc.

Art as a way out of monotony

All the necessary equipment is available to participants on site. Workshops are led by volunteer artists and the various creations are promoted through concerts, openings, recordings, etc.

By offering this gift, you allow people in difficulty to have access to artistic material, and thus, to break the isolation in which they find themselves.

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