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Aid for Ukraine continues

Friday 24 June 2022

Representatives of the different Caritas organisations, including Caritas Luxembourg, met in Poland and Ukraine to plan further assistance to Ukraine.

During the on-site visit, organised by Caritas Ukraine, additional needs for humanitarian aid (medicines, food, etc.) were identified and will be taken care of by the different Caritas. There are many internally displaced people in Ukraine who depend on humanitarian aid to survive.

Discussions also focused on the coming winter and how to ensure that people can spend the winter in warmth, especially in areas that were besieged and largely destroyed and have since been liberated. It was decided to set up pilot projects to make homes habitable and equip them with windows, doors, heating, etc.

Finally, the reconstruction of the country after the end of the war was also addressed.

Caritas Luxembourg will contribute to all these actions, while continuing to help the refugees currently in Moldova and Luxembourg.

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