Call for dialogue in Colombia

Thursday 20 May 2021

The Caritas Internationalis Working Group on Colombia, which brings together the various Caritas organisations working in Colombia, including Caritas Luxembourg, has taken a position on the difficult situation in Colombia.

The group is calling for dialogue to stop police and army reprisals against peaceful civil society protesters. Dozens of people have already been killed in these reprisals and thousands arrested.

The group would also like to express its support to the Colombian Church and Caritas Colombia in their efforts to mediate between civil society representatives and the Colombian government.

 Download the release of the working group

Lynn Wolff, a staff member of Caritas Luxembourg, is currently in Colombia and reports:

The situation here in Bogotá is less tense than in Cali. There are demonstrations almost everywhere in the city, including in my neighbourhood. However, there is a lot of unrest in the city: helicopters fly overhead, you can hear the drums and shouts of the demonstrators, and from time to time you see fireworks at night. But for security reasons, I am currently reducing my mobility to a minimum and working from home."

Caritas Luxembourg has been present in Colombia for many years.

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