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New social housing in Dudelange

Thursday 11 November 2021

Yesterday were inaugurated by the Churches of Dudelange and Bettembourg several new residences intended for social housing in the presence of many personalities, including the Minister of Housing, who co-financed the construction project, the Cardinal of Luxembourg and the management of Caritas Luxembourg. 

Eleven rooms and four apartments, among the fifty or so built, are made available to Caritas Luxembourg and Caritas Jeunes & Familles for their different publics: vulnerable people, refugees, young people.

The other residences are intended for people assisted by ProFamilia, APEMH and the Social Office of Dudelange. The residences will thus allow a large and diverse mix of people.

For Caritas Luxembourg, these accommodations are particularly timely because many people in its emergency accommodation facilities are waiting to get out so that they can finally build a future.

Of course, these accommodations are not sufficient to meet all the needs, which are enormous. However, the project shows that it is possible to build quality social housing in a short period of time and with a maximum of partners. 

Caritas Luxembourg would like to congratulate the Churches of Dudelange and Bettembourg for this successful construction project and thanks them for having thought of Caritas Luxembourg and the people it helps for this housing opportunity!


Dimanche 30 juin 2024.

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