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A tenth year of work in North West Syria for Caritas Luxembourg

Friday 8 July 2022

In North-West Syria, Caritas Luxembourg has just started a tenth year of work.

The nine-month aid phase that just ended helped 56,289 people. The new phase will support an additional 34,000 people. Over the past nine years, Caritas Luxembourg has helped some 600,000 people in North-West Syria, mainly displaced people. Caritas Luxembourg's aid is made possible thanks to the support of the European Union, the Luxembourg government, but also thanks to the support of many donors here in Luxembourg and the commitment of local partner SARD.

The first actions of this new phase were launched in June. Thus, 500 families have already received food vouchers with electronic debit cards, which will be recharged monthly for 10 months. Caritas Luxembourg and its local partner SARD hope that security will allow the activities, which have been going on for a decade in a very precarious context, to continue.

Below, those interested can watch videos to get a feel for the work being done during the harsh winter of 2021-2022, to see the rehabilitation projects such as the children's playgrounds, and to support the orphanage which prepares children to return to a home with their extended family. Sometimes families can no longer afford to feed and educate their children. One of the objectives of this new phase will be prevention, to avoid the separation of children, as Caritas Luxembourg and its local partner SARD have been able to initiate a programme to identify families at risk, and provide financial, food and psychological support to prevent children from having to work in exploitative conditions or being forced into marriage due to the poverty of their family.  

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