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Ukraine emergency: No rest for Caritas Luxembourg!

Wednesday 17 August 2022

Despite the nice weather, which invites to relax, Caritas Luxembourg remains fully mobilised throughout the summer to help people affected by the war in Ukraine, both in Ukraine and in Moldova.

Caritas Luxembourg's objective for this summer is threefold.

Firstly, the distribution of food and basic necessity goods continues on both sides of the border. In Moldova, refugee families receive food packages once a week. In Ukraine, Caritas Luxembourg distributes hygiene products in the internally displaced persons camp of Ivano-Frankivsk. The number of internally displaced people is high. Medical supplies will also be sent to the Poltava region in the near future.

Secondly, Caritas Luxembourg wants to enable the internally displaced persons who have remained in Ukraine, as well as those who are returning, to spend the winter in warmth. Caritas Luxembourg is helping to rehabilitate housing in several villages near Chernobyl. The aim is not to rebuild these homes but rather to make slightly damaged homes habitable again by replacing, for example, broken windows and doors. In the Poltava region, Caritas Luxembourg is also involved in renovating and equipping accommodation for internally displaced people and offers psycho-social support to those in need.

Finally, Caritas Luxembourg continues to support people who have taken refuge in Moldova. Indeed, as the conflict becomes more and more entrenched and their stay in Moldova is likely to be prolonged, the question is how to improve the situation of the people currently hosted in the two community reception centres supported by Caritas Luxembourg. The Fides reception centre in Chisinau, which receives the most vulnerable refugees, has expanded its capacity and completed the renovation of new rooms. Nearly 130 people are housed there, hundreds of meals are served every day and psycho-social support is provided. To everyone's delight, the Dumbrava Alba reception centre in Balti has completed the renovation of its playground for the many refugee children in the centre.

A great thank you to all the partners and donors who make these actions possible!

The renovation of the playground for refugee children in the Balti centre has been completed. Diana Grosu, director of partner organisation Lex21, explains.


Ukrainian children at the community centre in Balti (Moldova) are having fun. The playground renovated by Caritas Luxembourg is finally ready!


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