What beautiful creations!

Thursday 18 March 2021

Today, for World Recycling Day, we wanted to highlight some of the beautiful creations made in our structures from the recycling of materials of all kinds. These creative activities allow marginalised, deracinated and precarious people not only to express themselves, but also to feel valued. 

At the Maison "Le Temps des Femmes", for example, refugee and migrant women reuse old fabrics, wools and zips to create, for example, beautiful brooches. They unknit and knit again... They also use felt scraps or tile scraps to make trivets. They recover old jewellery to make new ones. With corks, the women make reminder boards or small storage boxes. With old buttons and a mismatched glass, they invent candle holders, or simply with a glass yoghurt pot and paper napkins. Old crates and felt scraps make a box more decorative. Old magazines can be cut up to make postcards. Old pots and elements from nature make beautiful flower decorations.

At the Atelier Thérapeutique d'Ehlerange, too, creative activities are organised around the recycling of recovered materials. For example, benches are made from boards of cable reels. Cardboard, paper and other leftover materials are used to create beautiful storage boxes. Handbags are made from pieces of fabric and old jeans. Coffee capsules become necklaces.

Finally, at Creamisu, a centre for artistic expression for the most precarious people, the recycled materials are used to make many decorative objects: angels, birds, but also lamp bases, original shelves, storage boxes and chairs.

Congratulations to everyone for these beautiful creations!

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