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THE REVIVAL - Ghana: The fast-fashion dumping ground

On 1 February to the 11 May
On 11 May

Ghana is drowning under tonnes of clothing from Western countries and Asia, causing environmental damage and impoverishing the Ghanaian population. Ghana finds itself having to manage a problem for which it is not responsible, and this is not a sustainable situation. Yayra and Kwamena, the founders of The Revival (a grassroots organisation in Ghana), have taken up the challenge of transforming the fashion industry in order to save their country from the rubble of textiles.

After making their presence felt in fashion capitals such as London and Paris, The Revival returns to Luxembourg with an immersive exhibition to share their experience through photography and a short film. This exhibition will encourage you to better understand the impact of textile waste in West Africa, the innovative solutions put in place by their project, and the impact we, as consumers, can have in reducing and preventing these problems.

This exhibition, in collaboration with Caritas Luxembourg, will be available in Esch/Alzette from 1 February to 11 May 2024 thanks to the support of the City of Esch/Alzette. During this pop-up, Caritas Luxembourg will be organising visits, workshops and other events.

Don't hesitate to contact the Plaidons Responsable team for more information ( or discover a foretaste of The Revival on their website (THE REVIVAL or The Revival Expo | The Change Starts Wi ).

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