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40 questions and answers to better understand development cooperation

Tuesday 4 July 2023

What exactly is international cooperation? What is a "development project"? And what is public development aid used for? Does 2 degrees of global warming really change anything? And how is it that hunger remains a major problem in the world and that some countries are still poor in 2023?

These days, a lot of people are wondering and questioning these sometimes very complex issues of common interest. In order to provide detailed and relevant answers, Caritas Luxembourg has just published a brochure entitled " Coopération au développement : 40 réponses à des questions essentielles " (Development cooperation: 40 answers to essential questions).  

This comprehensive brochure, aimed at the general public, provides information on the foundations of international cooperation, world poverty, the usefulness of public development aid, the role of NGDOs, policy coherence and the Luxembourg context, as well as on subjects such as migration and finance, answering the questions most frequently asked by citizens and politicians. A goldmine of very concrete and accessible information, essential for a better understanding of the issues of our time.


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