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Change begins at local level

Tuesday 14 February 2023

Caritas Luxembourg has just published its proposals and expectations for the communal elections in June.

With rising energy prices, falling purchasing power and the consequences not only of the pandemic and the war in Ukraine, but also of the climate crisis, the fight against poverty and inequality is becoming a priority not only at European and national level, but also at communal level. The municipalities have a major role to play. They are closest to the people. Their decisions and actions have a direct impact on the daily lives of citizens. At the same time, citizens have the opportunity to actively participate in the organisation of the public life of the commune by working for the common good.

For Caritas Luxembourg, regardless of their size, structure and the socio-economic challenges they face, every municipality has a duty to do its fair share to alleviate growing inequalities and contribute to a fairer society. At the same time, they should be best supported by the national authorities in the conceptualisation, implementation and realisation of their projects. The exchange of good practices is also essential.

The proposals of Caritas Luxembourg are the result of an internal reflection process in which Caritas Luxembourg tried to draw on the field experience of its structures and services spread across the country, in a large part of the municipalities.

Among the major societal challenges for which the municipalities have a major role to play are the reduction of poverty and inequality, the fight against homelessness, the establishment of a dynamic social integration and the achievement of the ecological transition.

The position paper is available below.

Avis et Positions Le changement commence au niveau local

Revendications de Caritas Luxembourg pour les élections communales 2023

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