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In solidarity with the victims in Morocco, Libya and Greece: Caritas takes action

Friday 15 September 2023

Over the last few days, we have seen scenes of desolation in Morocco, Libya and Greece in the media. The Caritas network has quickly mobilised to help people in these three countries. The Caritas network has quickly mobilised to help people in these three countries.

In Morocco, aid has begun to be distributed by our local partner, Caritas Morocco. Basic necessities (food, water, tents, clothing, etc.) are being distributed to people who have lost everything. Rehousing solutions are offered to families left without a roof over their heads. Volunteers prepare lorries with basic necessities for the most remote villages in the Atlas mountains. Some villages can only be reached by helicopter. Packages of essential items from Caritas Morocco are transported by helicopter to the villagers. Caritas Morocco can count on the mobilisation of numerous volunteers, as well as on the staff of the international Caritas network who are experienced in emergency response and who will come as reinforcements. They will assist Caritas Morocco in organising aid. The needs are enormous: tents, shelters, water, food, psycho-social support, reconstruction of houses, etc. and the mobilisation will be long.

In Libya, intervention is more difficult, as non-governmental organisations have little presence in the affected region, which in recent years has been practically inaccessible because of the civil war. Despite this, every effort is currently being made to see what the Caritas network can do to help in Libya. Caritas Luxembourg is in contact with a medical organisation that already has a convoy of medical equipment and hygiene kits on its way to Libya from Egypt. The organisation is also providing remote medical triage and mental health services. To overcome communication difficulties, enable uninterrupted consultations and provide a connection to other vital humanitarian services, a high-speed satellite internet connection is being set up.  As well as medical supplies and hygiene kits, the organisation is also distributing guidelines in the affected areas to prevent diseases linked to hygiene conditions and water pollution.

Finally, the Caritas network is also mobilised in Greece, alongside Caritas Greece, to help the victims of the floods which have devastated the country.


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