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World Humanitarian Day

Friday 18 August 2023

On this 19 August, World Humanitarian Day, we have a special thought for all those who make it possible for Caritas humanitarian aid to reach people in need of assistance.

Caritas Luxembourg aid workers work in sensitive contexts, whether under the Taliban regime in Afghanistan or in South Sudan. They have to show tact and courage. Some are mobilised in war-torn countries such as Ukraine or Mali, where even insurance companies are reluctant to take the risk of insuring our staff. Their safety is at risk every day. In 2023, the earthquake in Turkey and Syria had a direct impact on our colleagues, who experienced the tremors and lost loved ones. But they set to work searching for survivors and organising aid.

Despite all these difficulties, Caritas aid workers and local partner organisations continue their work with great dedication and we thank them for that.

Thank you!

On this day, we are also thinking of all those who need humanitarian aid.

It's not easy being in need and having to ask for help. We do everything we can to ensure that our interventions respect the dignity of every human being.


Photo gallery: Syria, Turkey, Mali, South Sudan, Afghanistan

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