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Our actions and achievements in Luxembourg and worldwide

Here are a few examples of actions carried out by Caritas Luxembourg. If you wish, we can go further and help you identify the destination of your bequest or donation.


We fight against all forms of poverty

In Luxembourg, but also in many developing countries, poverty is constantly gaining ground. Lack of jobs or low-cost housing, health crises, wars and conflicts, droughts or torrential rains... the causes are numerous.

  • The socio-cultural space for artistic expression "Atelier Creamisu" enables homeless people to break away from exclusion and express themselves.
  • Our gardening, building maintenance and cleaning workshops enable excluded or precarious people to reintegrate socially and professionally.

We support children and their families

Children are our future. Yet many of them grow up in difficult economic or social conditions, which has consequences for their well-being and development.

  • We help children from disadvantaged families by providing them with a school bag and school materials
  • In Bangladesh, we take care of young children in nurseries while their parents work in the textile industry.

We invest in stone to help disadvantaged families find adequate housing

There is a great shortage of affordable housing in Luxembourg, which increases inequalities.

  • Caritas Luxembourg finances the construction of social housing for families in need in Luxembourg and provides support for those housed.


We protect human health

At a time when human life expectancy is increasing, diseases that are curable or insufficient sanitary and hygienic conditions still cause many deaths.

  • In Laos, Caritas Luxembourg distributes tanks equipped with filters to purify the often unsanitary water.
  • In Luxembourg, nurses take care of homeless people.

We protect refugees and migrants

In recent years, the number of applicants for international protection has increased considerably. Upon arrival and during their first years in Luxembourg, they need support and protection.

  • In Caritas Luxembourg's shelters, applicants for international protection receive psychological support to help them overcome the traumas they have experienced.
  • All women find a range of activities at the Maison "Le Temps des Femmes" that strengthen their self-esteem and promote their social integration.

We help people fight climate change

Climate change is becoming more and more apparent every day and millions of people are already experiencing the disastrous consequences of increasingly extreme weather events.

  • In Bangladesh, Caritas Luxembourg is helping communities prepare for disasters and become more resilient to climate change.
  • In Luxembourg, Caritas is advocating for measures to combat global warming.

We fight hunger and malnutrition

Hunger is still on the rise in the world: 3 billion people cannot afford a healthy diet.

  • To overcome child malnutrition in South Sudan, Caritas Luxembourg trains women to detect cases of malnutrition and to teach young mothers to produce food supplements themselves from local products.
  • Through the "Caritas Buttek" social grocery shops, Caritas Luxembourg enables people affected by poverty in Luxembourg to buy food and hygiene products at prices up to 70% cheaper than on the market.

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