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South Sudan: Food supplements

South Sudan is a country with a fragile and precarious balance. In addition to the ongoing wars that are forcing the population to abandon their land for safety, the country was declared in a state of famine in February 2017.

The scale of humanitarian need is unprecedented, with one in three people displaced from their homes. The number of severely food insecure people has reached 6 million out of a total population of 11 million.

Supplements to overcome malnutrition

Caritas Luxembourg is helping malnourished children in South Sudan with programmes to improve and diversify the diet of the population.

A dietician and volunteers teach mothers about breastfeeding, nutrition during pregnancy and the role of vitamins and minerals. The courses also cover hygiene measures, diagnosis of childhood illnesses, and the nutrients available in a vegetable garden. Teams of nutritionists regularly visit the villages to monitor children's development and growth. In emergencies, malnourished children are given specially adapted food or referred to a hospital where a medical team takes care of them.

By offering this gift, a malnourished child will receive food supplements for a month.

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