Become a volunteer!

At present, our employees are doing everything possible to maintain the most essential services for people in need as much as possible.

In order to best stop the spread of the Coronavirus and protect the most vulnerable people, some services are not yet accessible to volunteers. Please contact us for detailed information. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

Finally, in these difficult times, let us wish you and your family good health.

An essential human touch.

Over and above their skills, volunteers bring an essential human touch to Caritas Luxembourg's work. There are currently several hundred volunteers working side by side with Caritas Luxembourg.


If you are interested in working side by side with Caritas Luxembourg as a volunteer, we want to hear from you! Please send us an email explaining why you want to get involved, and give your name, address and mobile number, state which task you want to do, and let us know when you are available (times, weekdays and/or weekends).

Caritas Luxembourg Voluntary Workers' Charter (French)

Example of a Caritas Luxembourg voluntary service agreement (French)


Andrea Beestermöller


Solidarity work opportunities for Young People aged 15 - 30 Years:

Young Caritas offers young people a platform to get involved as a volunteer in different areas:

  • Solidarity Volunteering
  • Spillmobil
  • Holiday Camps
  • Trainings

Participate in the activities offered or develop your own project.

The evaluation of Caritas Corona-Helpline and the experience of the teams on the ground are rich in lessons learned. If we don't want people and families to fall permanently into precariousness, measures need to be taken quickly! Please find all our proposals for action in the link below!

Read the position document