For a fair vaccination campaign

Thursday 18 February 2021

Caritas Luxembourg has just published a position paper on the ongoing vaccination campaign in Luxembourg.  

In its position paper, Caritas Luxembourg welcomes the free availability of vaccines against Covid-19 and recognises the importance of setting priorities, particularly in relation to epidemiological and ethical issues. However, it is clear that while the whole population is affected by the epidemic, it is those living in precarious conditions who are most affected. Studies show that the probability of contagion increases with the level of precariousness. 

This is why Caritas Luxembourg is asking that people who live or have to sleep in the exiguity of emergency shelters for the homeless be included in the second phase of vaccination as highly vulnerable people. The risk of contagion with Covid-19 is considerably higher for these people than for people living in individual housing and the necessary preventive measures are difficult to apply.

Caritas Luxembourg is also asking for additional measures to be taken, together with the various associations, so that homeless people and people without papers can effectively access the vaccination. Invitation by post and online appointment booking are not always possible for these people.

Finally, Caritas Luxembourg calls for fair and equitable access to the vaccine to be guaranteed not only in Luxembourg, but worldwide. In our globalised world, only a coordinated and decisive global effort can provide a real solution. 


Caritas Luxembourg has just published a position paper in which it calls for people living in the most precarious situations, in Luxembourg and worldwide, to be taken into consideration in access to vaccination. Find the position paper below!

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