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The regular donation: a great efficiency!

Thursday 2 September 2021

Every day, and thanks to the many programs set up in Luxembourg and throughout the world, Caritas Luxembourg helps, assists, trains or raises awareness of populations in need. This support is always long-term. Because it is the regularity, the long-term support, that guarantees the effectiveness of our actions. All our programs aim to provide sustainable and permanent solutions, not to intervene on a temporary or momentary basis.

Pierre, for example, found himself homeless when he was only 21 years old in 2019. Homeless, he was referred by Caritas Luxembourg street workers to the Centre Ulysse where he was given accommodation. With psychological and social support, Pierre took his life in hand. This reconstruction took a long time. He followed a training course in the field of heating and sanitary installations and proudly got his first job a few months ago. Today, after having saved a little, he has just joined one of the supported housing units of Caritas Luxembourg in Differdange. There are now hundreds of people in the country for whom this support is the only way to make a new start.

All this work is not done in one day but takes months.

In order to carry out these missions in the long term, Caritas Luxembourg is now calling on regular donations via direct debit.

Regular donations allow Caritas Luxembourg to act on a long-term basis. They offer us a security that allows us to anticipate our actions and ensure their continuity over time. We are also better able to act quickly in case of emergency.

While the benefits for Caritas Luxembourg are obvious, regular donations also have many advantages for you:

  • You are free to give: you can change or cancel your regular donation at any time, by simply calling or emailing our donor service;   
  • You give according to your means: you choose the amount of your monthly donation;
  • You act alongside us on a daily basis for the cause of your choice: you decide how your donations are used;   
  • You donate without having to think about it and in complete security: the desired amount is automatically deducted from your bank account each month.

And of course, all your donations are tax-deductible. We will send you a certificate showing all your donations, which you can enclose with your tax return at the beginning of the year.

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