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Help the victims of the earthquake in Turkey and Syria

Monday 6 February 2023

On February 6th, an earthquake measuring 7.8 on the Richter scale hit Turkey and northern Syria, a part of the world where Caritas Luxembourg has been working for years. The number of people who have died is increasing by the hour, as is the number of people who have lost everything.

The area in northern Syria affected by the earthquake is the area where Caritas Luxembourg has been working for almost 10 years. In November and December, 30,000 meals were distributed to people displaced by the war. With this earthquake, the situation in this already devastated region has become even worse. Esma Y. is one of the people working for the Caritas Luxembourg project. She lives in Gaziantep. She says: "No one dares to go home. People wait in their cars or in the mosques. People think that the mosques have been built so that they can resist better. Caritas Luxembourg has already released 50,000 euros to provide the first necessities (food, blankets, medicines, etc.). Humanitarian aid is being organised with local partners. Distributions have begun. The weather conditions are very bad. People need help quickly. Our local partner reports that its clinics are full of injured people.

Caritas Luxembourg is also helping the victims on the Turkish side. For two years, Caritas Luxembourg has been running a project to help migrants and refugees with a local association. The latter has just mobilised its disaster and emergency response unit. Teams have already arrived in the most affected areas in Turkey with rescue dogs, specialised equipment and food. Caritas Luxembourg has promised them financial support and has released a first amount for the purchase of food and other basic necessities. Of course, this will not be enough.

"For Caritas Luxembourg, it is obvious: In these difficult moments, we have to be at the side of the affected populations and we will do everything we can to help the victims and their families on both sides of the Turkish-Syrian border," says Marc Crochet, Director General of Caritas Luxembourg.

The Government of Luxembourg and the European Commission (ECHO) have been funding ongoing projects in Syria and Turkey for a decade. The support of the citizens is essential for this new emergency.

If you too would like to help the victims of the earthquake in Turkey and Syria, you can make a donation by transfer to the CCPL account IBAN LU34 1111 0000 2020 0000 with the mention "Earthquake" or click here.

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