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As well as helping to stabilise the lives of homeless people and give them guidance, it is also important to offer them a space and activities that enable them to meet up and do physical activities beyond the confines of the emergency centres.

Initially, the activities were mainly bodybuilding exercises, but the offer is now being expanded to include courses in gentle gymnastics, Zumba, Capoeira and more. The aim is to be open to a wider public who are less inclined to weight training, but who are also in need. Sport of any kind enables people living in precarious conditions and exclusion not only to improve their physical condition, but also and above all their psychological condition.

The idea is to bring a sense of wellbeing to street people, help them to break the monotony of their lives and give them new perspectives. My aim is to show them what they are capable of and give them self-confidence," stresses Georges Christen.


Photo gallery: Lynn Theisen


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