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Poverty in Luxembourg

Caritas Luxembourg assists deprived and socially excluded people.

Every year, when winter comes around, deprived and socially excluded people are back in the news and weigh on our conscience again. And yet they are there all year round, in ever-increasing numbers and getting younger and younger. More and more of them are women, some of whom have children.

Everyone has the right to a decent life!

Because it is convinced that everyone has the right to a decent life, Caritas Luxembourg lends people a hand in all seasons, year in and year out, in emergencies and to help them to reintegrate into society. Caritas Luxembourg helps them in many different ways: emergency services and accommodation, supportive housing, integration through work, psycho-social assistance, social grocery shops, etc.

The approach adopted by Caritas Luxembourg is:

  • Realistic, informed by knowledge of the situation on the ground and respect for people in need;
  • Comprehensive, because the assistance provided covers housing, work, food aid, and psycho-social, medical, administrative and legal assistance, etc.;
  • Personalised, because each situation is unique and each person is different;
  • Part of a network, because Caritas Luxembourg is convinced that, in order to overcome social exclusion, it is essential to work together and mobilise resources in partnership with other actors.

The voice of the voiceless

In recent years, as well as offering help and assistance services, Caritas Luxembourg has become the mouthpiece for people living in precarity, lobbying State authorities with the aim of reducing the inequalities that lead to social exclusion. So whether addressing the social housing shortage or discussing unemployment, Caritas Luxembourg has made itself heard loud and clear and takes a proactive approach.

Here are our most recent positions:

Remettre l'humain au centre du dispositif du revenu d'inclusion sociale (February 20, 2024)

La mise en place d'un "Housing First" durable et efficace au Luxembourg (December 20, 2023)

Sans domicile fixe malgré le travail (25 avril 2023)

Pour une meilleure prise en charge de la santé mentale des plus démunis de notre société (7 octobre 2022)

Assurer l'accès au logement abordable (4 octobre)

Combattre la précarité des enfants et des jeunes au Luxembourg (Mai 13, 2022)

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