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Ukraine emergency

How Caritas Luxembourg is helping in Luxembourg

Caritas Luxembourg is an important part of the national system for helping people fleeing the war in Ukraine.  Caritas Luxembourg has taken charge, on behalf of the Office National de l'Accueil (ONA), the socio-educational support of 10 shelters for temporary protection seekers (situation at 31 December 2022). Its social workers ensure the social and educational follow-up of the residents, take care of their social integration and also manage community life in the various shelters. About twenty new employees have already been recruited.

Caritas Luxembourg has also set up, with the Luxembourg Red Cross, the support of the Ministry for the Family, Integration and the Greater Region and in collaboration with the ONA, a solution for matching people fleeing the war in Ukraine with Luxembourg residents who wish to offer them free accommodation or a home stay.  In 2022, Caritas Luxembourg was able to put 158 Ukrainian families in touch with host families.

The assistance provided by Caritas Luxembourg also includes psychological support. Indeed, many of the people welcomed are suffering from serious trauma as a result of their experiences over the last few weeks. Hence the importance of offering them rapid support, adapted to their particular situation and taking into account the context of their situation. Caritas Luxembourg has therefore developed its psychological assistance offer, this with its own means. The enhanced offer has been operational since July 2022. There is a real need for psychological help specialised in trauma.

Another important action was the reinforcement of Caritas Luxembourg's social service. The aim is to provide social accompaniment for people who have fled the war in Ukraine under the best possible conditions and in a coordinated and concerted approach with all those involved in the sector. A project has been defined in this sense. Capitalising on and sharing experience in the field, training new staff, supporting host families, but also informing and raising awareness among the general public are important aspects of this project, which is financed by its own means.

Caritas Luxembourg would like to thank all the people, companies, foundations, associations, parishes, institutions and municipalities for their very generous support. Without their support, Caritas Luxembourg could not help.

Thank you for your support!

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