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Call for Solidarity to face the Coronavirus Crisis

Tuesday 24 March 2020

Caritas Luxembourg warns about the consequences for vulnerable and precarious people in this Coronavirus pandemic.

In this difficult time, the beneficiaries of Caritas Luxembourg's aid can continue to count on its support. Field workers remain mobilized and continue to help them. Social workers, educators, psychologists, street workers are on the front line and work without rest for the homeless, refugees and the most precarious, in order to continue to provide them with the support and guidance they need more than ever. In order not to run the risk of being infected, the so-called at-risk persons among the beneficiaries are confined with special attention. Numerous actions are also put in place to try to reduce the social isolation of the beneficiaries, who are already particularly isolated in normal times. Refugees in Caritas Luxembourg homes continue to receive all necessary assistance. Homeless people will be able to stay an extra month in the night shelter set up under the "Wanteraktioun".

At the international level, the first cases of Coronavirus have appeared these last few days in Syria. In the refugee camps, the epidemic is likely to cause thousands of deaths. Following the example of Syria, Caritas Luxembourg expects dramatic consequences in many poor countries where it supports humanitarian and development projects. Health infrastructures, already precarious or non-existent, will not be able to provide adequate or sufficient responses to the pandemic. Needs, particularly in terms of health, will therefore explode in the coming weeks. Caritas Luxembourg is already preparing itself by putting in place preventive measures against the spread of the virus and will be ready to respond to the most urgent needs when they arise.

Our mission has always been to be at the side of the most vulnerable. We must do our utmost to be even more so today. This crisis requires us all to show more solidarity than ever before," said Marie-Josée Jacobs, President of Caritas Luxembourg.

The Coronavirus crisis has a huge and unforeseen financial impact for Caritas Luxembourg. The needs are multiple: health, food, psychological, financial, housing assistance... New problems appear every day, even though the crisis is only at its beginning.

Caritas Luxembourg is therefore launching an appeal for the generosity of the population. People who wish to support the most vulnerable people in the context of the current Coronavirus pandemic can do so by making a donation by transfer to the account of Caritas Luxembourg (CCPL) IBAN LU34 1111 0000 2020 0000 or by visiting our dedicated page.

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