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"A real social drama"

Monday 25 May 2020

The consequences of the health crisis are dramatic and will have very long-term effects. People who were already vulnerable before are now even more vulnerable. Single-parent families who were struggling to make ends meet have now fallen into extreme poverty, for example because of an employment contract that has not been renewed. The Caritas Corona-Helpline, which was set up to respond to people in need, has been inundated with calls and emails. Like Marc's who can no longer pay his rent and who is afraid of finding himself on the street with his family, or Isabel's who called us in tears because she could no longer feed her 3 children. It is a real social drama that is being played out.

A new poverty is appearing and it affects thousands of people in Luxembourg.

These people may be acquaintances, neighbours, colleagues, sometimes even relatives. We cannot let this happen without doing something about it. That is why Caritas Luxembourg is now calling for donations for all those who will need help during the difficult months ahead.


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