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Donations in kind or in money?

Wednesday 2 March 2022

Like many other large humanitarian organisations, Caritas Luxembourg does not collect donations in kind (clothes, food, toys, hygiene items, etc.) for Ukraine. This may surprise many people, but there are reasons for this.

Indeed, our long experience in humanitarian aid has shown us that it is better to buy what people need locally or in the region. Not only is it cheaper, but it also supports the local or regional economy and above all meets the real needs on the ground, day by day. Managing millions of packages, all different from each other, is a gargantuan logistical challenge and unfortunately linked to a lot of waste.

This is why we insist on financial donations. Every financial gesture counts, even the smallest! With 1 euro you can already help. With these donations, we will buy on the spot what the people really need. We will be able to adapt our purchases from day to day according to the new needs that arise on the ground.

We understand that many of you - individuals, companies, associations - want to organise something tangible in your community. Why not organise activities that allow you to collect financial donations instead of material donations.

Donations in kind will, however, be accepted in case of a massive arrival of Ukrainian refugees in Luxembourg. We will then be able to use the structures that are already in place in our country to help the vulnerable population. We will keep you informed via our usual communication tools.


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