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Thursday 28 April 2022

Caritas Luxembourg is currently looking for a wide range of volunteers:

Centre Oasis, Wiltz

The team of Oasis Centre would like to continue all the efforts made over the last twenty years to promote the empowerment of non-Luxembourgish residents living in the Wiltz region and to improve their participation in Luxembourg society through innovative actions that favour their integration and contribute to social cohesion.

If you are motivated to help us to help better, come and reinforce our team of volunteers. These activities could be, for example, tutoring, art workshops, conversation classes, introduction to computers or support in administrative procedures. We are always open to your interests and suggestions.

Contact:  Tel. 691 402 261

Public writer service, area of Wiltz :

  1. The public writer service offers help with administrative tasks to anyone. We are looking for volunteers with special skills. You must have completed your secondary education, be fluent in the three languages of the country and be able to show empathy and discretion. An interesting and rewarding activity awaits you.

Contact :

The LogIS service "Housing for Social Inclusion" is looking for people with expertise in the field of educational support for children at primary and secondary school level. This is a regular commitment that can help one or more children to succeed in their schooling, which is key to successful integration in Luxembourg.

Contact:, tel. 40 21 31 – 527

In concrete terms we are looking for:

  1. a volunteer for the teaching of the French language for a 71 year old man of Eritrean origin in Dudelange.
  2. Mersch: a young couple needs help with the French language, Friday afternoon or sunday morning.

Contact :

  1. Vianden: math help for a girl (6th French general)


  1. Grümelscheid: French course (beginner) for an adult woman
  2. Troisvierges: help in German and French for a girl (4th year primary)
  3. Hellange: help in German for a boy (5th year primary)
  4. Ettelbruck: course in conversation in German for an adult woman
  5. Dudelange: help in German, French and mathematics for 2 children who are in 4th and 6th grade
  6. Niederkorn: German language support for 2 children (2nd year primary and 1st year primary)


At the refugee centre of Bigonville, a home for single men:

The Moulin de Bigonville is located in the pretty Rambrouch-Perlé area. 30 km from Mersch or Ettelbruck and 50 km from Luxembourg City.  Any initiative is welcome to help our residents get out of their homes and get to know the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

  1. volunteers for diverse recreational activities depending on the talents available: culinary workshop, gardening, nature walks, games, etc... Period and frequency to be defined. No foreign language skills required.
  2. volunteers to support the residents of the centre in learning the languages of the country. This support can take a formal or ludic form depending on the volunteers' preferences. Time and rhythm to be defined.   


At the refugee shelter in Diekirch, home for families, single men and single women

  1. a volunteer to offer French language conversation tables for adults (French beginner levels A1-1 / A1-2...). The times are to be agreed according to the availability of the beneficiaries and the volunteer.
  2. a volunteer to offer homework help for young high school students. This involves homework in the following subjects: French, Mathematics, Luxembourgish, German and English. The times are to be agreed according to the availability of the young students and the volunteer, on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons and/or evenings.
  3. A volunteer for classes in luxemburgish
  4. a volunteer to accompany walks organised outside the shelter. The activity requires the command of the French language. The times are to be agreed according to the availability of the beneficiaries and the volunteer.
  5.  Volunteers for conversation tables in the Luxembourgish language.
  6.  Volunteers for homework help for primary and secondary school pupils. Tuesdays and Thursdays.
  7.  A volunteer to supervise German and biology lessons for a young person.
  8. A volunteer to coach a young person in French.


At the refugee shelter in Esch sur Alzette, a shelter for single men:

  1.  a volunteer to teach residents who wish to use a sewing machine. The machine is available at the foyer. This course will take place on weekday evenings.
  2. one or more volunteers for support in French from 6pm to 8pm during the week (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday) and/or at weekends (times to be agreed). This support is aimed at adult men of all levels.
  3. a volunteer for an introductory course of the Luxembourgish language.
  4. one or more volunteers to help with job search procedures
  5. a volunteer for piano lessons (piano available in the foyer)


At the refugee shelter Valeriushaff in Tandel, a shelter for families, single men and single women:

  1. A volunteer to help with mathematics on Saturday mornings for a 14 year old.


At the refugee shelter in Marienthal, a shelter for families :

  1. A volunteer for gardening. Accompanying the residents in planting and cultivating vegetables and introducing them to the different varieties. Knowledge of gardening is essential.
  2. a volunteer to offer creative workshops or wellness workshops for women (such as self-created facials, make-up, manicure, cooking, etc).
  3. several volunteers for individual support courses, for residents who wish to improve their French skills. Monday to Friday, times are flexible and to be agreed upon.
  4. a volunteer to supervise children after school hours (help and support with homework and leisure activities).


At the Esch-Neudorf shelter in Esch sur Alzette, a shelter for families, single men and single women:

Due to the covid crisis our young people need a lot of help to catch up with the online courses. For this we are urgently looking for volunteers in the following areas

  1. Supporting children and young adults (7 to 18 years old) in French, Luxembourgish and mathematics
  2. Supporting adults (women and men) in the practice of French and Lëtzebuergesch and English and mathematics


UBUNTU project for refugees in the Dublin procedure

In the framework of the UBUNTU project for refugees in the Dublin procedure, JRS-LU, Caritas Luxembourg and Reech eng Hand are looking for volunteers to work in a small meeting room in the Luxembourg-Gare district, open in the afternoons from Monday to Saturday. A warm atmosphere, listening, discussion, animation, training and supervision are guaranteed.

Curious or interested? Contact:; Tel. 691 690 365

As part of the new UBUNTU rebondit project, in favour of refugees in Dublin procedure and people in an irregular situation detained at the detention centre, the Jesuit refugee Service-Luxembourg in collaboration with Caritas Luxembourg and Reech eng Hand, is looking for volunteers willing to become regular visitors to the detention centre. As a visitor, you will be a compassionate presence to the retained people and listening to them, while offering creative and sports activities such as painting, board games, relaxation exercises, story telling, table tennis etc. 

Conditions: have a good listening ability, be interested in people in an irregular situation and/or asylum seekers, be comfortable in a closed environment, be available at least one afternoon a month (Saturday included), speak French and/or English.

We offer: personalized training and psychosocial support throughout the mission; a volunteer contract including volunteer insurance, a certificate of volunteering after one year or more.

If you would like more information or are interested, please contact: Andrew Ndzebir, Tel. 691690365,, Mila Gallego, tel. 691270 260, or Agnes Rausch, tel. 621 358168,


For any question, please feel free to contact :

Andrea Beestermöller :

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