When getting back on track comes up against flooding

Friday 16 July 2021

In the aftermath of this natural disaster, Caritas Luxembourg is in solidarity with the victims and in particular with the people it accompanies in its various services and who are affected by the floods. These people are particularly vulnerable. Most of them are struggling to make ends meet at the end of the month. A disaster like yesterday's could push them into a very precarious situation for a long time. Others had barely glimpsed a way out of poverty and now they find themselves back in it.

This is the case of people housed at the Centre de l'Oseraie of Caritas Luxembourg who saw the water wash away everything when they had barely emerged from homelessness. At the Centre de l'Oseraie they had found a place that offered them the stability they needed to gradually recover. The floods have put a stop to all the efforts they have made so far to get out of it. They find themselves once again in a precarious situation, in emergency shelters, without knowing what tomorrow will bring.

This is also the case for the twenty or so people who had found in the Caritas Luxembourg gardening project in Kopstal a way to finally get back into the world of work after years of difficulty. The project's crops were all destroyed and with them the satisfaction of the work accomplished, the satisfaction that would have enabled them to return to the world of work in a positive way. These people are also struggling to see what the next few months will bring. It is too late to resow this year.

For all these people who are already very vulnerable, not only financially, but also morally, getting back on track will be even more difficult than before. They will need us even more, and above all they will need to believe that the activities, in which they felt good and which allowed them to see a way out at the end of the tunnel, will continue despite everything.

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