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BUTTEK 2021 Campaign by Delhaize Luxembourg

Tuesday 23 November 2021

In collaboration with Caritas Luxembourg and the Luxembourg Red Cross, the supermarket chain Delhaize has renewed its annual "Buttek" campaign to raise awareness about poverty in Luxembourg.

For its twelfth consecutive year, the "Buttek 2021" action will collect donations in the various outlets of Delhaize Luxembourg.

We are counting on the generosity of customers to support vulnerable people in Luxembourg," explains Cédric Gonnet, Director at Delhaize Luxembourg.

The funds collected by the "Buttek" action will be transformed into groceries by Delhaize and distributed to the various social grocery stores, managed by Caritas Luxembourg and the Luxembourg Red Cross, present throughout the country.

The social grocery stores "Caritas Buttek" and "Croix-Rouge Buttek" were created in 2009 to help families affected by poverty. The Caritas Luxembourg network of social grocery stores now has four outlets throughout the country, which testifies to the growing need to support families living below the poverty line in the Grand Duchy.

In the social grocery stores, people in need, sent by the social offices and other accredited services, can obtain foodstuffs and everyday products for a financial contribution of about one-third of the market price. This increases their buying power and gives them access to quality food and fresh produce, as well as hygiene products.

From November 18 to December 8, 2021, Delhaize customers will receive a flyer at the checkout. On this flyer are four vouchers that allow them to contribute to either:

  •     a breakfast worth 2 €
  •     a lunch worth 5 €
  •     a dinner worth 10 €
  •     a family meal worth 15 €.

This system has been successful over the past eleven years. From the contributor's perspective, it facilitates the donation process and the registration of offered meals. From the organizers' point of view, it allows better management of the donations received. In 2020, the action has raised 45 000 €.

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