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The collateral victims of the war

Wednesday 13 July 2022

As the war in Ukraine continues, the consequences of the conflict are being felt around the world. You have felt it too: the price of our food purchases is rising, not to mention the price of oil.

If we are suffering the effects of the conflict at home, other countries, already weakened, are facing even more dramatic consequences. This is the case in South Sudan, for example. Soaring food prices and transport costs, as well as a drop in grain imports from Ukraine, are making this precariously balanced country even more fragile. While hunger was already a permanent problem throughout the country, the conflict in Eastern Europe has made the situation worser. Almost 8 million people are severely food insecure. More than ever, the population, especially children, need our support.

Locally, the people are in a state of extreme anxiety. For several months now, certain foods such as wheat or sunflower oil have been in short supply and others, such as corn, have simply become unaffordable because of their price. Of course, farmers produce many of the foods they need themselves. But as it is often the case there, harvests are subject to difficult weather conditions. Not to mention the displacement of people due to the conflicts raging throughout the country or the effects of the pandemic that are still being felt. Before the war in Ukraine, the year was already shaping up to be one of the most catastrophic hunger because of all these elements. The war has reshuffled the deck, making the situation even worser. Millions of people will face extreme hunger in the coming months. Many children will suffer from malnutrition.

Let's not let the conflict in Ukraine claim even more lives. Donate today and support the hungry in South Sudan.

Every donation counts.


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