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School bags for children in need!

Thursday 3 September 2020

Back to school is always a big budget. As the time to go back to school is slowly approaching, Caritas Luxembourg is launching a campaign in favour of families who don't have the means to buy the necessary school material for their children. And with the recent crisis, the number of families with financial difficulties, and consequently the number of these children, has jumped. Now more than ever it is essential to support them.

Erika and Mila are among these children. Their mother Emilie lives alone with them, and from one day to the next, she found herself unemployed. The bills started to pile up very quickly. As a result, Emilie could not afford to buy school bags or school materials for her two daughters. Fortunately, all three of them could count on the support of Caritas Luxembourg. At the beginning of July, Emilie learned that Caritas Luxembourg was going to allow children who need it and whose parents go to one of its social grocery stores to receive a schoolbag. A few days ago, the three of them went to the social grocery store of the City of Luxembourg to pick up the bags. The start of the new school year is now looking more serene for them!

A donation of 60 € can ensure a nice start to the new school year for a child.

Many other children also need to be supported for the new school year. In order to carry out this action as well as all its other projects, Caritas Luxembourg is therefore appealing for donations. People who wish to make a donation can do so by transfer to the account (CCPL) IBAN LU34 1111 0000 2020 0000 or directly below.



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